Wonotobo Falls


In Mid-West Suriname, amongst the pristine and breathtaking Amazon rainforest you will find Suriname’s largest waterfalls; Wonotobo.

These massive falls contains several falls such as the Blue Crane falls, The Hollander falls, The Frenchman falls and the 3 km. long Wonotobo falls. In  this barely populated area you will only meet some of Suriname’s native inhabitants: the Trio Amerindians.

Wild animals still living in this pristine and dense wilderness will be cutting across our path.The rivers are filled with spectacular fishes such as anjoemara, red tail catfish, peacock bass and koebie. Try you luck, you will certainly succeed!

The traditional style built Amerindian village near the falls, in compleet harmony with nature, will definitely impress. This tribe still lives in a very tradional way hunting and fishing the area. According to ancient traditions the Wonotobo region belongs to the Trio tribe. A visit to their village to see how these people live in  harmony with nature and still hold on to ancient customs and traditions is a must see and extraordinary experience.


The Corantijn river is one of the top locations when it comes to catching big fish such as Tarpon, Anjumara, Red-tailed catfish, Tiger catfish and the Law Law, the largest catfish out here in Suriname.

SCIENTIFIC NAME of common fish in the Corantijn river.

  • Meerval   (Silurus Glanis)
  • Striped Catfish, tijger meerval  (Pintada)
  • Tukunari, Pauw ciclide, Peacock bass      (Chicla Ocellaris)
  • Anjoemara   (Hoplias macrophtalmus)
  • Piranha    (Serrasalmo niger)
  • Tarpon    (Tarpon Atlanticus)
  • Red tail Catfish, roodstaart meerval       (phractocephalus hemioliopterus)
  • Kubi      (Pacora/ Plagioscion surinamensis)

7 day, 1250,= Euro
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