Tebu Top Expedition


8 days Tebu Top Expedition
‘On top of the world’, is what it feels like when overlooking the skyline at 347 m. on the Tebutop:  THE highlight of this expedition.
Eight days of intensive hiking by boat on the mighty Marowijne, Lawa and Tapanahony rivers; dive headlong into a wealth of adrenalin-boosting activities from overcoming massive rapids to rock climbing, all complemented by the panoramic backdrops of some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes: a must see and do for dare devils!
We paddle along villages passing Paramacaners, Aluku en Aucaners and conquer massive rapids such as the Gran Sulo to reach the habitat of the Wayanna and Trio Amerindians.

Meet native villagers, their ancient traditions and customs still kept alive. Experience how these intriguing people, both the Maroons and Amerindians, live in perfect harmony with nature. Transportation, lodging and alle meals included.

Day 1:
Paramaribo – Albina – Camping site
Bus drive to Albina. Canoe boat trip on the Marowijne River. We spend the night at the shores of the river in a camp (hammocks/mosquito nets available).

Day 2:
Early morning a 3,5 hrs. boat trip to camp Tjon Tjon crossing the Mambari-, Singa Tete- and Poligoedoe rapids. We pass several scenic villages. Lunch and walk through the village on Stoelmanseiland, situated where the Lawa and Tapanahony river meet. Boat trip to Tjon Tjon village. Dinner in Tjon Tjon were we will spend the night in hammocks.


Day 3:
Extensive morning jungle hike to the waterfalls of the Lelygebergte. You can swim and relax before we hike to the Tapanahony river where the boatsman is waiting for us. After lunch we paddle to the Gran Holo rapids. With all our bagage and the outboard motor we have to cross these massive rapids via Futupasi by foot, to reach the other side and continue the trip in a smaller boat. We are now on our way to the Maroon village of Drietrabbetje where you will get acquinted with local traditions and customs. You can swim, relax and join the the locals for a drink in the evening. We spend the night in hammocks in basic huts.

Day 4:
Early morning boat trip to camp Suna. There is only one family living on this island. We spend the rest of the day here to swim, fish, relax or hike the forest.

Day 5:
Let the real adventure begin! From camp Suna we will conquer the rapids. In other words, we need to drag the canoes through the rivers at some points. After crossing some grand rapids we arrive at Granbori: the final Maroon village en route. Since these regions are nearly deserted many African tradtions and customs are stil very vivid. According to these customs first we will have to see the captain of the village, and offer him a bottle of rum, so he will bless the rest of the journey and give us permission to continue. After lunch we leave for Punsulsa: the largest rapid on this expedition. We cross the rapids dragging the boat, and paddle for Apetina, which is 15 minutes away. On our way we pass Amerindians still fishing with their bow and arrows. Apetina, a scenic Amerindian village with nearly 250 Wayana’s living here, is situated on a hill along the shores of the Tapanahony river. Like in many other villages these people have been living without barely any contact from outside and have kept their traditions and customs alive. The nature around these villages is still very pure and you will hear and see the other inhabitants: numerous birds, mammals etc. We spend the night in authentic scenic huts above the river.


Day 6:
Apetina – Tebutop – Granda Futu

Walk through the village of Apetina where you will learn about the Amerindian customs. Next a 1,5 hour hike to the Tebutop (optional) with breathtaking views overlooking pristine rainforest. Late afternoon: boat trip to Granda Futo . Here we will set up our own camp to spend the night.

Day 7:
Granda Futu – Apetina – Drietabbetje

Boat trip back to Apinta where you can purchase some souvenirs before we head back to Drietabbetje. Again we have to cross several grand rapids including the grand Punsala rapid. Drietabbetje is the residence of the Aucaners “Granman’. We will stroll through the village and might get a chance to meet the “Granman”. We will spend the night in Drietabbetje in hammocks overlooking the grand river.

Day 8 :
All morning free to relax, chill and enjoy the surroundings. Afternoon: , 1,5 hour flight back to Paramaribo.

Price from 825,00  Euro

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