Sipaliwini — 4 Gebroeders


Vast Savannah area (Nature Reserve) with low vegetation, hills and mountains with magnificent views over the savannah. The journey leads to the most southern tip of Suriname to the border with Brazil. Name “the four brothers” was chosen because ofo the four peaks of the mountains. It is also the only place in the world where the blue frog (Dendrobatis Azureus), used for poisonous arrows, can be found.

Kwamalasamutu is the largest native village (Trio), where the great chief (Granman) of Sipaliwini resides. This village is situated on the river Sipaliwini where the caves are. Habitat of the blue poison dart frog (Okopipi). The newly discovered caves Werephai with ten thousand year old rock carvings (petroglyphs).


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Price: Euro 1250,-

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