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Nickerie Bigipan
New Nickerie lies approximately 237 km from Paramaribo. District Nickerie is bordered in the north by the Atlantic Ocean, in the east by district Coronie, in the south by district Sipaliwini and in the west by Guyana.
Origin and general information
New Nickerie has approximately 12,000 citizens and is the capital of the rice district Nickerie. It is called the second capital city of Suriname. In this district lies the nature reserve Bigi Pan, a marshland that was granted as domain territory to the Ministry of Natural Resources. The management of the area is held by the National Forestry Management Department (LBB) with the objective to use this area in a responsible manner. Almost 122 different types of birds have already been spotted in the Bigi Pan of which 72 exist in the area the whole year round. Amongst others, the red ibis, the fish-hawk, the stems and the stilt-walkers. Bigi Pan is a special place of interest for everyone and is an ideal spot for birdwatchers.Day program
Day 1
After approx. 3 hours by bus, through the districts Sarramacca and Coronie, you arrive in the rice district Nickerie. On the way, the guide will provide information about many interesting sites such as the bridge over the Coppename river and the State Oil Company. Once the land along the way is marked by extensive rice fields, you will know that you have arrived in the rice district Nickerie. After check-in in your hotel, the guide will take you on a short city tour through New Nickerie. Your overnight will be in Hotel Residence Inn Nickerie, a 3-star hotel which offers all necessary facilities.
Day 2
After breakfast, check-out from Hotel Residence Inn Nickerie followed by a 4 hour boat tour in nature reserve Bigi Pan, well-known for the many types of birds and fishes that exist there. After lunch in a local restaurant, return trip to Paramaribo.

Included in the tour:

Transportation by bus and boat, accommodation, drinks (non-alcoholic), Dutch/English speaking tour guide. Special dietary requests will be considered.Accommodation
Hotel accommodation based on double rooms equipped with comfortable beds, air-conditioning and sanitary facilities.

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