Naturreservat Raleighvallen


Raleigh falls
Raleigh falls – Voltzberg, situated at the upper Coppename River, one of the last big uninhabited and unspoiled rivers on earth, is part of the 1.6 million hectare Central Suriname Nature Reserve, one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

In this reserve, also known as Raleighvallen, all eight monkey species of Suriname can be found. The black spider monkey can often be seen during the trip to the Voltzberg Mountain. For some years an international scientific research is going on for some of the monkey species that live here.

The rapids are populated by many plants and animals. The most striking plant family is the Podostemaceae. The biggest, the so-called kumarunjanjan (Mourera fluviatilis), is the food of the kumaru fish. At the beginning of the dry season they flower abundantly.


Internationally this nature reserve is renowned under bird watchers as the bird paradise of South America. In this area you have more than 300 species including some very special species like the cock of the rock and the harpy eagle.

Price 4 day bus – boat vice versa starting from € 300,-.

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