Kabalebo Jungle Resort


Nature Resort Kabalebo
Nature Resort Kabalebo is a splendid lodge, lying in the untouched Amazone rainforest in western Suriname. In total, we offer four different accommodations, varying from luxurious air-conditioned rooms to adventurous traditional cottages on the banks of the majestic Kabalebo River. 

Each accommodation distinguishes itself in its own (utmost) stylish manner where quality always comes first. Whether concerning the composition of your dinner, planning a fascinating bird excursion or organizing your transportation to the lodge, a professional approach is our first priority. The area surrounding the resort is rich with many types of wild animals and birds, and is great for hikes and excursions.

The resort is easily reached via daily flights from Zorg and Hoop airport located in the center of Paramaribo.


For current information about the resort, its variety of possibilities and the option of making a no-obligation reservation, please contact us.

A stay at Nature Resort Kabalebo offers many options. You may choose to stay in the vicinity of the lodge and become one with the magnificent nature.Or allow yourself to be spoiled with refreshing drinks and exotic snacks, relaxing in a hammock while enjoying the sunset.
You may also put together an active daily program and with a professional guide, go searching for wild animals and colorful birds, visit the amazing Revelation Falls or adventurously kayak down the Kabalebo River.

For the fishermen, this river is known for its wealth of many types of exotic fish. Following the catch, the fish are then directly released back into the river, because Nature Resort Kabalebo practices enduring tourism, with respect for the unspoiled environment.

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