Jodensavanne – Blakawatra


Jodensavanne und Blaka Watra
Jodensavanna are situated in the jungle along the Surinamerivier at approximately 50 km south of Paramaribo.

The landscape is characterized by a diversity of lowland tropical rainforest and white sand savannas.

The name Jodensavanna refers to the first Portuguese Jewish immigrants who came to Suriname in the 17th century and who build prosporous settlements (joden means jews and savanna is the same in both Dutch and English).

At jodensavanna you can still get the atmosphere of the past of this ons rich and very unique community.
Here you find the ruins of the oldest synagogue of the Amercan continent. It’s also the location of the oldest jewish cementry in Suriname as well as the old medicinal spring of which is said since the 17th century that it has medicinal properties. Here you get the history of the jews in Suriname. Along the river you find small villages and communities on abandoned former Jewish plantations.

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