Jaw Jaw


Jaw Jaw
The Saramaccan maroon village Jaw Jaw is situated on the upper Suriname
River at the Jaw Jaw rapids. The village is situated in the center of
Suriname and is surrounded by beautiful forest.
The lifestyle of the Saramaccan maroons still looks much like that of their ancestors from Africa.

The village is under the leadership of a captain who is assisted by male and female basjas. The daily activities consist of the cultivation of small fields in the forest, hunting and fishing.

The tourist camp is situated on the edge of the village next to the beautiful Jaw Jaw rapids a real pleasure for water lovers. Relaxing and swimming in the fabulous rapids in harmony with the tropical rainforest is an experience beyond description. On request (additional charge) cultural show; experience the rhythmic and the intensity of the Saramaccan culture and feel yourself become one with the surrounding.

Car/boat: Drive to Atjoni on an unpaved road (4-5 hours) and a 40 minutes boot trip.

Highlights during the 3 day all in tour:

Enjoy the peace and quiet and harmony of nature.
Guided walk through the village and introduction with the day to day live and culture of the Saramaccans who are keeping their African traditions of fishing, hunting, boatbuilding, believes, religion, natural medicine, culture, clothing, architecture and design alive in the Surinamese jungle. Guided forest walk with explanation about trees, plants and their use.
Visit to the Ferulasi rapids and the village of Gunsi
Traditional fishing

 Rates depending on the number of participants. 

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