The Isadou Resort, situated on an island in the Upper Surinamese river, is not only attractive because of its massive water rapids and sandy beaches but more for its serenity.


  • Exciting boat trips (through Rapids)
  • Impressive jungle hikes
  • Exciting Caiman Spotting boat tour
  • Visit to Maroon villages
  • Traditional maroon massage
  • Swimming in rapids
  • Authentic rustic cabanas
  • Cultural evening *

Isadou is one of the few resorts where you still have real authentic huts and where the owners are local maroons. This tour to Isadou is unique because its intent is to let the local maroons profit from the growth of tourism in this area. The way the complete staff is consigned from the cook to the guide by eager and enthusiastic maroons from nearby villages will try their utmost best to please the guests.

The surrounding area of the resort, the Upper-Suriname area, is known for its unique Maroon culture and its untouched Amazon Rainforest. The Maroons, descendants of runaway slaves, have settled in the inaccessible rain forest a long time ago, where they started a new existence.

By their isolated way of life, they developed a unique culture with strong African influences. The women in their colourful robes, children playing at the riverside in contrast with the purity of the tropical rainforest, form a breath-taking scene. The Maroons are proud of their culture and are pleased to introduce you to their fascinating way of life in one of the surrounding villages of Jaw Jaw, Nieuw Aurora, Gunsi and Laduani.


  • Basic Cabanas with minimum 2 queens size beds
  • Shared bathroom and toilet


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