Culinaire Tour


The culinary tour takes place at a restaurant in Paramaribo.

Origin and general information
Almost all Surinamese dishes have rice as main course item to which various meat and fish dishes are added. Fresh greens are used to complete the meal. Most exotic Surinamese dishes find their origin in the diversity of ethnic population groups living in Suriname, with descendants from mainly Africa, China, Indonesia, India and the Netherlands. The original recipes were concocted into traditional Surinamese dishes. On this educational culinary tour you will learn how to prepare a typically Surinamese dish. In an open kitchen with a beautiful view on the river you will be guided and introduced into the Surinamese cuisine by a Surinamese cook. The daily menu therefore consists of typically Surinamese specialties such as: moksi alesi (rice dish), pom (oven dish) and Surinamese cake.

Day program
Together with the cook you will visit the local market to buy all necessary ingredients, which will be used to prepare a traditional dish and a typically Surinamese dessert. After you have finished cooking and your taste buds have been enticed by the delicious smell of your own culinary art, it is time to taste all that you have prepared yourself.

Included in de tour
Transportation by car, lunch, dessert, drinks (non-alcoholic), Dutch/English speaking cook guide.
Change of menu due to special dietary wishes will be considered.

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