Commewijne Plantage Tour


Commewijne Plantage Tour
District Commewijne is one of the most ancient cultural area in Suriname and is situated right across the capital city Paramaribo, along the Suriname river. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean in the north, district Marowijne in the east, district Para in the south and the Suriname River in the west.

Origin and general information
Already in the second half of the seventeenth century many plantations were established along the Upper Commewijne and the Cottica River were predominantly sugar, coffee and cocoa were cultivated. A number of factors caused these plantations to gradually deteriorate through the centuries. In 1882, the Dutch Trade Company built a big and new Central Sugar Factory at Mariënburg. This factory played an important role during a very long time in the development of the district. A few years ago, the factory was closed however, and all company buildings were dismantled. With this, the existence of the last sugar processing company in Suriname had come to an end. On the right bank of the Commewijne river, there are a few plantations which were still active after the second world war but which are now no longer in use.

Day program
Across the J.A. Wijdenbosch Bridge, we start our journey by car/bus into district Commewijne. This tour takes us along the former colonial plantations of which most are deserted and no longer active. A visit to the open-air museum at New Amsterdam will be our first stop. The old sugar plantation at Mariënburg will give you a proper idea of the manner in which the sugar plantation industry developed during those days. We leave the car/bus at Mariënburg and cross over by boat to plantation Fredriksdorp where the renovation project of the plantation was finalized some time ago. A walk on a special path to plantation John and Margrita marks the end of our visit to this old plantation and we are ready for the return cross over to Mariënburg. On our way back to Paramaribo, we pass along the old plantations Ellen, Leliendaal and Alkmaar where we can still see some old coffee trees.

Included in the tour
Transportation by car/bus and boat, lunch, fruit, drinks (non-alcoholic), Dutch/ English speaking tour guide. Special dietary requests will be considered.

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