Brownsberg – National Park

Brownsberg Nature Park
Is located 500 metres above sea level. the park occupies an area of 6000 hectares which was obtained by STINASU on a long-term lease basis from the Suriname Government.
The Brownsberg National Park is the northern outpost for for several plant and animal species. Covered by neotropical rainforest consisting of hundreds of different species most of which are commercially valuable.
The park has three major Vegetation types. The hydrophytic vegetation (typified by the Pina Palm) grows in creek valleys at the base of the mountain. The Mesophyphytic vegetation is found on the slopes and is characterized by the number fo different tree species including the Groenheart, Ingipipa, Letterhout/Snakewood, Cedar and Purpleheart.

Approximately 130 km south of Paramaribo, northwest of the Van Blommenstein hydro lake lies Brownsberg Nature Park (6,000 hectares).

Origin and general information
The Brownsberg area is an extensive area that begins at the foot of the mountain where seven transmigration villages are established. The mountain consists of the remains of a half-moon shaped bauxite platform with a height of 500 meters above the surrounding rainforest. This offers magnificent views over the Brokopondo hydro lake and the far-reaching green jungle. The mountain is bisected by small creeks, which end up in beautiful waterfalls, which can be reached via walking paths through the tropical rainforest. The nature reserve is highly recommended because of its biodiversity. No less than 1,450 types of plants can be found here as well as 350 different types of birds such as the trumpet birds, parrots and toucans. During the walk through the forest you have a good chance to encounter apes, frogs or turtles. The nature park serves as a centre for nature education and public awareness.


Day program
Early in the morning, departure by bus to Brownsberg. After approx. 2½ hours, a stop will be made at the Mazaroni plateau. This is where the extensive untouched Amazon rainforest area begins. Walking paths will take you through the forest to the beautiful Leo and/or Irene waterfalls. The sturdy walk down- and uphill, will truly be rewarded with a unique and refreshing natural massage under one of the waterfalls. Afterwards you will return to the plateau where a delicious lunch will be served. After lunch, opportunity to enjoy the sounds of the forest and the magnificent view over the hydro lake. After this unique experience, you will depart in the afternoon for your return to Paramaribo.

Included in de tour
Transportation by bus, lunch, snacks and fruit, drinks (non-alcoholic), Dutch/English speaking tour guide. Special dietary requests will be considered.

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