Berg en Dal Resort


Het Berg en Dal Eco & Cultural River Resort
Located amidst breathtaking tropical rainforest on the banks of the Suriname River, at approximately 85 km from Suriname’s capital city of Paramaribo, lies the BERGENDAL Eco & Cultural River Resort. Accessible by road and river within one and a half hour and set within a total area of 2400 hectare, the new Resort with its adjacent BERGENDAL Heritage Village and Adventure Centre, encompass a spectacular nature rich playground offering visitors numerous educational and adventure packed activities.

With the long involved history of the previous Berg en Dal plantation, its wealth of intriguing stories, legends and myths, the close proximity to the Brownsberg Nature Park and many other key tourist attractions in the area, our Resort is destined to become the exotic new alternative destination and the best quality eco-cultural resort in the region.

Comfortable accommodation, first rate amenities and our exquisite restaurant, tastefully blend in with the natural surroundings of the tropical rainforest and amazing river view, providing guests with ample opportunity to relax and connect with the essence of nature. As a resort focused on eco-cultural activities, we take our responsibility with regards to conservation and sustainable development of the valuable ecological resources and exotic biodiversity in and around our resort, very seriously. Local communities with their unique cultural heritage, proud traditions and intriguing folk legends, are actively involved in every aspect of our resort and contribute greatly to the charm and hospitality of BERGENDAL.
Guests at the BERGENDAL Eco & Cultural River Resort will be delighted by the unique blend of adventure, nature, culture, history, education and entertainment which make this resort a one of a kind, unforgettable vacation destination.


So whether it’s adventure you’re looking for in your next eco tourism experience, or simply peace and tranquillity in a comfortable nature rich destination, the BERGENDAL Eco & Cultural River Resort is the perfect choice for a unique Amazonian Caribbean experience.If excitement, physical challenges and adrenaline rushes are things that you look for on your vacation getaways, BERGENDAL has the resources to live up to your wildest expectations and beyond.

We offer the first ever Canopy zip lines in Suriname. Swinging from platform to platform in wild abandon amongst the treetops and all the way across the Suriname River, you will be rewarded with a new and thrilling point of view of the spectacular rainforest and expansive breadth of the river below. Get your heart rate up and your sweat glands in action during a challenging mountain bike excursion on rugged, meandering pathways through our tropical forest landscape. Hiking, kayaking, bird watching and even an endurance kayak excursion at the Brokopondo Lake are some of the other options available to make your stay at the BERGENDAL Eco & Cultural Resort into an exiting, adventure packed experience.

End your day of physical exertion with a delicious dinner at our tropical restaurant, a relaxing evening cocktail under the stars and surrender to your dreams in the pleasant restful atmosphere of your private, comfortable lodge.

Experience you adventure at BERG en Dal
At BERGENDAL we believe that your dining experience is an adventure in and of itself. With its varied buffet menu and tropical ambience our restaurant will heighten the enjoyment of your stay and allow you to immerse yourself in the cultural diversity of the country and the area, on a different level…….through your palate.
Our fine restaurant is centrally located near the reception area and the pool area and provides a panoramic view of the Suriname River. To maximize your dining experience, your encounter with the beauty of the natural surroundings is continued by the open and airy design of the restaurant. Add to this the tasteful tropical decor, luxurious tableware and linens and most importantly a mouth-watering cuisine, and we once again manage to bring you the perfect fusion of all elements that make BERGENDAL a truly unique eco-cultural experience.
Produce and other food resources are obtained from carefully selected, ecologically responsible food sources


Forest Vieuw Lodges
Our Forest View Lodges are beautifully set within the natural forest at the resort. Braced on tall wooden pillars, these lodges are built high up against the slope of a hill. Because of their elevated position, these lodges have striking outward appeal and a true tropical rainforest ambiance. Guests staying in these lodges have balconies surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and a bird’s eye view of the natural scenery.

Forest View Lodges are available in B and C type lodges.

Riverfront Vieuw Lodges
Our Riverfront View Lodges are located right on the banks of the Suriname River, at only a small distance from the waters edge. With the numerous large windows and spacious open balcony, guests can continue their enjoyment of the spectacular natural surroundings, straight from the privacy and comfort of their own lodge. Our Riverview Lodges offer a spectacular view of the impressive Suriname River and the peaceful tropical landscape along its river banks.

Riverfront View Lodges are available in A and C type lodges.

Panorama Lodges
The Panorama Lodges are positioned last along the path of lodges. Positioned at the top of the hill these lodges have the privileged advantage of views to multiple locations in the resort. The natural landscape of the rainforest dominate one side of the lodge’s view, while from the other side, guests can enjoy a panoramic view down into the resort and of the river beyond.

All lodges are equipped with air-conditioning, modern bathroom facilities with hot and cold running water, comfortable bedding with luxurious bed linens, and tasteful tropical furnishings and accessories.

Panorama Lodges are available in B and C type lodges

Wellness Belevenis
If regaining your mental equilibrium, relieving the stress from your modern hectic lifestyle and getting back in touch with the essence of nature, are the main objectives of your hard-earned tropical vacation, the BERGENDAL Eco & Cultural River Resort has the capacity to induce just that and so much more.

The peaceful nature enriched atmosphere of our beautiful resort, the essential comforts and indulgent luxuries of our private wooden lodges and the all around spectacular views of nature, inspire a humbling sense of peace and awe in every guest. Guests are encouraged to slow down, look around and simply take notice of the wonders that nature has to offer; to absorb its capacity to heal, bring peace and put life’s priorities back into perspective.


At BERGENDAL you can add to your Wellness experience with our natural balance Yoga sessions and relaxing treatments and massages provided by our professional wellness staff. Hiking our interesting historical and educational biofilia trails, visiting the natural displays and memorable historical sites and learning about the unique heritage of the area will add significant intellectual interest to your ultimate Wellness experience.

Experience Wellness at BERGENDAL

Heritage Village 
The Heritage Village and Adventure Centre is an integral part of the BERGENDAL experience, offering local and international day trippers as well as guest residents of the BERGENDAL Eco & Cultural River Resort, an exciting and intellectually stimulating variety of nature oriented activities.

In addition to all the fun and excitement available at this new attraction, the stimulation of appreciation and respect for the tropical rainforest and its valuable array of flora and fauna species and the fascinating cultural heritage of the area, are amongst the main objectives of all BERGENDAL activities.

The Heritage Village facilities are accessible to visitors of all ages for a unique natural and cultural experience which includes several educational facilities, interpretational displays, hiking on cultural and nature trails, and learning about the fascinating history of the old BERGENDAL plantation.

Rates are in USD with a minimum of 2 nights*.
CHECK IN: 14:00 PM CHECK OUT: 11:00 AM

• Children under 3 years free of charge
• Children from 3 – 12 years 20% discount

* Rates are subject to availability

Lodge C starting at US$ 110
Lodge B starting at US$ 132
Lodge A starting at US$ 142

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